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Engle Reunion
Long's Park, Lancaster, 1920

In the summer of 1920* the children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren of Mary Hoffman Engle gathered for a picnic reunion at Long's Park, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The reunion was held in honour of Grandmother Engle's ninetieth birthday, which, according to the Old Engle Book, would not take place until April 1921. All present in the 1920 reunion photograph have been identified. Several who were then children have now reached and exceeded Grandmother Engle's age; many of course have died.

The photograph

* See note by Elizabeth Engle Heise on following page.


A copy of the 1920 Long's Park Reunion photograph, with the list of identifications, is available in PDF format through the above link. On-screen viewing of this file will permit you to enlarge the photograph approx-imately 300% without appreciable loss of quality. In order to view the file, you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader, which may be downloaded free of charge by following the link below.

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