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  The Engle Family History site is, first and foremost, about people. Living people and those long gone. Older people, and the very new. And of course those who fall somewhere in between and are the individuals most likely to visit, and participate in the development of, the Engle Family website.

We expect that most people who visit the site will be related to our particular branch of Engles: that is, that they are descendants of Ulrich (Ulli) Engel and Anna Brächbühl Engel, who emigrated from the Bishopric of Basel to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1754. Or that they are individuals interested in discovering if they are so related.

By now, early in the 21st century, Ulrich and Anna Engel, have more than ten generations of descendants. As even the earliest entries in our guestbook show, they are spread all over North America, and indeed all over the world.

This section of the Engle Family History site is intended:

  1. to introduce those who contribute directly to the website with their research, their stories, their photographs, and their sheer hard work;
  2. to collect together, as time goes on, a wealth of historical material of interest to members of the Engle family;
  3. to serve as a reference for those searching for genealogical records of Engles in the United States of America; and
  4. to foster a real sense of familial connectedness in the now so widely-dispersed family.

Please also review the genealogical data available for your particular branch of the family and notify us of any appropriate additions or corrections.

And please, if you have stories or photographic material you would like to contribute to the website, do contact us to discuss how and when your material might be published on EngleFamily.Net.


The family of Edgar Allen Engle and Mary Hoffman Engle, 1917:  John, Marion, Paul, Alma.  John Engle is the father of John E. Engle.


Mary G. Engle, ca. 1917  Manor Street, Lancaster, Pa.  Mary G. Engle was the mother of Mary Lynn Richardson.


Daniel E. Engle, ca. 1937.  Bausman, Pa.



Last modified: June 13, 2009