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  An Engle Family website has been established here in the year 2001 to explore the history of the family of Ulrich Engel (b.1711) and Anna Brächbühl Engel (b.1715), who immigrated from the Bishopric of Basel, Switzerland, to Donegal Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in 1754 as part of William Penn's experiment in religious freedom.

Ulrich Engel's son, Jacob Engel (b.1754), along with his brother Hans (b.1745), were among the founding fathers of the River Brethren movement, which combined elements of pietism with Anabaptism. It survives today as three separate denominations -- the Old Order River Brethren, United Zion's Children, and the Brethren in Christ.

We trust this site will provide a place for us to meet each other and share information, photographs, and stories about our family as we gather material for an update of Morris M. Engle's History of the Engle Family in America, 1754-1927.


Photograph of original transcription of a letter from Ulrich Engel written from the New World in 1755. Original transcription found in the journals of Christian Schenk of Rothenbach, Switzerland.


Photograph by Eugene K. Engle


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