Letter from Ulrich Engel to relatives in Switzerland written in December 1755
describing the journey of his family to the New World, and conditions
in eastern Pennsylvania as they found them.

page 106

Written by Ulli Engel from Pennsylvania. From Donegal, Pennsylvania, December 7, 1755 —

First, best wishes and greetings to my father, brother and sisters, and to my other good friends. Next, he writes to his brother Hans Engel of Sonceboz. My dear brother, I have received your letter of May 22, 1755, and in it I learned that you are in good health. We did not receive what you had written to us previously. You said that you have not received a report from us either. We wrote a letter to you from Rotterdam, in which we told you about our trip down the Rhine. We put the letter in the mail. Also, we wrote to you a year ago from this country. In that letter we gave a report on our trip across the ocean and told you about this country. We hope that you will still get that letter, and we will not say much about our ocean journey in this letter. What Herr Hopf told you about us is true. We arrived safely in this country, as we had wished. However, we lost many of our possessions in another ship that ran into trouble and sank. I (Ulrich Engel) and the others, are all as sound and healthy as when we were in Switzerland


Photograph of the copy of Ulrich Engel's letter in the Schenk Chronicles by Eugene K. Engle.
German transcription, and translation into English by John E. Engle.
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